Wednesday, January 23, 2008

March for Life, crazy pro-choice response

Another successful, inspiring March for Life yesterday in the bitter cold! (Pro-choicers only do a march about once every 10 years, in the spring)

Aside from being shocked that the media even acknowledged the hundreds of thousands in town for the event, I found the wording from the NAG leader in this USA Today article very interesting:

Abortion foes protest 35th year of 'Roe'
Peaceful protest in D.C. lauded by President Bush

...Several dozen women marched in support of abortion rights. "In the last 35 years the anti-choice groups have grown more vicious, lashing out against the landmark Supreme Court decision as part of their on-going campaign to eviscerate it," National Organization for Women President Kim Gandy said in a statement. ...

Geez, you'd think someone who supports the vicious evisceration of babies from the womb would use different language to distract from that fact.

She might as well have said pro-lifers were protesting Roe v. Wade "as part of their on-going campaign to:

Hey, at least we only want to eviscerate a court ruling.

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