Friday, January 25, 2008

Wife of the Year

Sorry, but marriage and sex DON'T go together
Carrie Jones hasn't had sex with her husband Hal, a City banker, for the past four years. Nor does she want to. Sex is something she can no longer summon the effort to endure - with the man she married, at least.

She admits she stays in her sexless relationship for the sake of her children, aged nine and 11, and will remain celibate until the day they are grown up and she feels able to leave. At which point, she confesses, she will probably abandon her husband and begin a sexual odyssey to find the satisfaction that eludes her.

Unbelievably, her poor, unsuspecting husband is not only unaware of her plans to leave him. He also, she insists, has no idea that she has written a book or posed for these pictures. She seems as confident of him not finding out as she is that he is understanding of her feelings.

For when asked whether she worries that Hal may seek sexual
gratification elsewhere, she says: "I'm not concerned. I don't think that would happen. It's not Hal's fault that I wish to remain celibate; it's nothing he's said or done. He's a good man and a great dad. It's just that I don't want to be intimate with him any more."

Such cold words must leave her husband reeling? She insists not.

"There's a general understanding between us that I'm keeping the family unit together," she says. "Children need to be brought up by parents in a monogamous marriage. I wouldn't want to blow that apart, and I certainly wouldn't want the burden of being a single parent.

"I know from taking the kids on holiday on my own once when Hal was working that having sole responsibility for them is exhausting."

What a wonderful wife! Refuses to try to make her sex life work, won't talk to her husband about it but writes a book and puts her face on this article, stays with him only because the "burden" of taking care of the kids alone would be "exhausting," and plans to dump him once they are out of the house. Poor guy!

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