Friday, January 11, 2008

Two Daily Mail horror stories!

Girl, 18, confesses in TV documentary: 'I've slept with 50 men in TWO years'

...The youngster told her 45-year-old mother, who is separated from Cheryl's father, how she picked up men, including a drug dealer, by trawling online dating and networking sites in internet cafes.

...In a televised confrontation with her mother, the teenager drew a series of stick men to represent her dozens of partners and appeared shocked when Debbie Tunney revealed she had only had three sexual partners in her life.

The 18-year-old said: "We had to write our numbers on a board for the show and the initial for each partner's name. I couldn't believe my mum had only had sex with three men.

"It made my number seem really high and it was worse because I could only remember about 40 of their names. I have decided not to sleep around any more."

Astonishingly, given her admission that she did not always use condoms, the young woman tested negative for sexually transmitted diseases.

She said: "That is so weird. How did that happen?"

Fatal Attraction

I lost everything after succumbing to the office piranha's seduction

The office Christmas party loomed, and with Ellen heavily pregnant, Colin decided to go on his own.

It was a decision he was to regret. "Clare was there, we both had a bit to drink and we ended up at a hotel," he recalls. "I realise now I should never have gone on my own to this party. Clare looked wonderful and I could no longer resist."

By 4am the day after, however, and as Colin put his key into the front door of his home, he was already regretting his night of passion. "As soon as I glimpsed the Christmas decorations in the front room that Ellen had done with the boys I felt a huge stab of guilt," he says.

...When I tried to tell her it was over, she would beg me not to go, and cry. She threatened if I didn't leave Ellen and marry her, she would kill herself. Once, she acted as if she were carrying out her threat, running across the road and was almost hit by a car."

...At work, the writing was on the wall. "People were horrified I could have had an affair while Ellen was pregnant. Pressure was put on me to go, and I felt so humiliated and ashamed that I had no alternative but to leave."

...Colin has another job, although he says the affair has set his career back several years.

"Since this woman threw herself at me I've been a broken man. We had a good marriage, but like many men I was tempted - and now I am paying a higher price than I could ever have imagined."

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