Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pro-"Choice" Violence

BTW, the article below noted the March for Life was a peaceful protest. Here's some pro-choice violence for you (aside from the 48.5 million butchered babies since 1973, of course):

Michigan Man Assault Pregnant Woman, Kills Baby for Refusing Abortion

Wisconsin Woman Victimized in Attempted Forced Abortion Wants Bond Money

Kansas Legislator Apologizes for Assaulting Pro-Life Advocate at Rally

Wisconsin Pastor Murdered for Refusing to Give Grandson Abortion Money

Woman Whose Parents Kidnapped Her for Forced Abortion Speaks Out

Iowa Man Charged With Assaulting Pro-Life Advocate at Clinton Rally

Here are only a few recent articles on child molesters using abortion to hide their crimes and abortion clinics covering it up or not reporting it:

Connecticut Sees Fourth Case of Abortion Used to Hide Sexual Abuse Crimes

Coach in Abortion-Rape Coverup Was Banned From Sports, Not Arrested

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